DeepInfer Model Store

The following table shows the list of available models in the current version of DeepInfer. For full model description and usage guide click on the model name.

Filter table:
Model Name Organ Task Modality # of Train/Test Performance Description
Prostate-Needle-Finder Prostate Localization, Segmentation MRI 50 patients (410 MRIs) / 21 patients (173 MRIs) Mean needle tip localization error: 2.8 mm Biopsy needle trajectory and tip detection in intraoperative MRIs.
Prostate-Segmenter Prostate Segmentation MRI 60 / 30 Dice: %85 Whole-gland prostate segmentation in pelvic Axial T2-W MRI scans
WMH-Segmenter-K2 Brain Lesion Segmentation MRI 60 / 110 Dice: %77, H95: 9.79 mm Team K2's solution for WMH segmentation grand challenge ( at MICCAI 2017.